"The coaches at Montclair State University thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Tommi.  The sessions were relevant and very educational.  We look forward to including his program into our training sessions this year." Rob Chesney, Assistant Athletic Director, MSU.

"Tommi just gave a workshop to our staff of 20 personal trainers in NY and I have one word - AMAZING!  We focused on learning the concepts of Tommi's 368 system of training and spent some time practicing as well.  We left with very easy to use knowledge that will transform the way we train our clients.  Tommi, we thank you for creating and sharing your system with us, we are inspired!" Margi Bellusci, Sky Athletic Club

"The knowledge and skill set that Tommi possesses is incredible. He is a true movement specialist with one mission: results." Evan Chait, PT, CNRT, L.Ac (Kinetic Physical Therapy)

"I really like your 3-6-8 Movement Theory. I am constantly trying to develop a greater biomechanic and knesthetic awareness to better train my students, athletes, instructors, and myself. 3-6-8 gives me some logical parameters to view and discuss movements. It also helps me to associate movements from one section of the body, and it's "chain" effect somewhere else. Also the ski instructors that are studying movement analysis with the hopes of various levels of PSIA (Professional Ski Instructiors of America) certification found great value in it!"
Irene Calder, Training Director for Timberline Snowsports School



Discover Movement believes in the power of learning more every day and in sharing the best practices of training and conditioning for high school and college athletes.

Workshops and seminars are now available on following topics:

1. How to train movement skills effectively in a 10-minute warm-up sequence
2. 368- Training Systems: All-inclusive functional strength training system for athletes
3. Strength training alone is not enough - The missing links in speed development
4. Practical and simple ways to help prevent knee injuries with female athletes 
A new series of 3-hour 'learning by doing' -workshops provides practical methods of youth conditioning for youth coaches and school teachers. Topics include:


1. Safe, effective and fun ways to build strength for ages 7-10
2. When to practice what? Age-sensitive approach to learning and coaching motor skills.
3. Why are so many young athletes not athletic? How to build athletes, not just players.