HS Female Athletes Conditioning -program

Custom-built program for the specific needs of a youth female athlete. Functional core strength and dynamic posture. Injury prevention for the ankles, knees and the lower back. Correct progressions in speed and power development for sports. READ MORE!!

* 4-, 8- or 12-week-program available
* 2+1 sessions/week
* semi-private (small group)
* effective, but affordable

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"Working with Tommi over the last year, not only have I achieved incredible strength growth, but he also kept me flexible for maximum explosion. Under his excellent teaching and workouts I was able to come back from a broken leg injury feeling as though I had maximized my athletic potential. Thanks so much Tommi."  Zach Donnarumma, NJ (Bowdoin College)

"Tommi has inspired me to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. He has taught me how to get the best workout possible while laughing and having fun. I know for a fact that I would not be as strong of a runner as I am today without his coaching. Thank you Tommi, I dont know what I would do without you!!!" Amy Salek, 400m, NJ (Elon College)


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Athletes from New Jersey and New York

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- Running Technique
- Speed and Agility
- Integrated Strength
- Functional Flexibility
- Core Stability and Strength
- Rotational Movements

- Vertical Jump
- Metabolic Power
- Reaction Time
- Aerobic Capacity
- Injury Prevention


1. An Assessment of Athlete

Discover Movement 368 Assessment evaluates athletes movement in regards to its strengths and weaknesses. Discover Movement assessment process reveals the missing links and limiting factors in performance and provides a firm foundation for a training and conditioning program.

In addition to 368-Movement Assessment, the evaluation consists of motor skill evaluation, such as testing flexibility, stability, speed, agility, strength and power.



2. Sport "needs analysis"

Each and every sport needs to be understood in many different levels in
order to achieve the desired and specific training adaptations. 

Discover Movement has experience of training and conditioning both elite and recreational level athletes in several sports such as Track & Field/X-country running, Soccer, Basketball and Tennis.

3. Training & Conditioning Program Design

The exercise program design and the practical application is an important part of "the art of coaching."

     The conditioning program creates a fundamental structure for the work-out. It is
an essential tool in order to make each minute of the work out productive,
personalized and safe. A good plan also leaves room for changes without
compromising the quality and efficiency.

The exercise program always includes a movement preparation sequence
(dynamic flexibility and muscle activation) as well as cool-down routine and home
tasks, such as high-quality nutrition or recovery work.

4. The Art of Coaching

A coach is more than a person who writes your training program. Discover Movement coaching includes being available for questions and support at all times.

We believe that effective coaching philosophy requires sincerity, honesty,
sympathy and care for the athlete in addition to the physical side of the athletic

Coaching means knowing your athlete and being able to guide and help an
athlete reach their fullest potential in sports and in life.

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Intensive and comprehensive training and conditioning package for powerful and healthy athletic future. Requires commitment from the athlete to 2-5 days a week for 60 days or more. Includes guaranteed improvement in flexibility, stability, strength, speed, agility and power as well as movement mechanics, such as running or jumping technique.  


Concentrates specifically in enhancement of speed, agility, quickness and power. Includes linear and lateral speed development, reaction & first step, acceleration and deceleration speed as well as multi-directional agility. Requires a commitment of two times a week for at least 30 days.    


Custom-built program for the specific needs of a youth female athlete. Functional core strength and dynamic posture. Injury prevention for the ankles, knees and the lower back. Correct progressions in speed and power development for sports.  


Specifically designed to improve running skill, mechanics and fitness for either a sprinter, long-distance runner or a team-sport player looking for better running performance.  Includes skill training, injury prevention, running related flexiblity, strength and power development as well recovery management. At least 2 times a week for 6 weeks.  

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