Tommi 'the Trainer' Paavola is the owner of Discover Movement LLC. His journey inside the miracle of human movement is the driving force behind his desire to coach and to train athletes.  

Feel free to follow Tommi's blogs that touch all three dimensions of a human being; the mind, the body and the spirit. 

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1. To Lead Training and Conditioning operations for an athlete/team/facility.

2. To Educate trainers and coaches on 368 -Training Systems or Youth Conditioning

3. To Develop a customized training system for the needs of a specific sport.  


President, Master Educator, Coach, Discover Movement LLC. 2006-

Movement Skills Master Trainer, Finnish Coaching Association 2007-

Fitness and Performance Coordinator, Immaculate Heart Academy 2011-

Strength & Conditioning Coach (swimming), Ramapo College, 2011-   

Director of Junior Conditioning Programs, Elite Athletic Performance Institute 2004-2006

In-House education & Personal Training, The Gym 2002-2004


Master of Sport Sciences, Jyvaskyla University, Finland.

Exercise Physiology, Leeds University, UK.

Outdoor Sports Education, Telemark College, Norway


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS, NSCA.

Certification in Applied Functional Sciences. CAFS, Gray Institute.

Certified High School Strength and Conditioning Coach, IYCA.

Youth Conditioning Specialist, IYCA.

Movement Skill Coach, Discover Movement.


Functional Athletic Development: Flexibility, Speed, Strength and Power 

Youth Conditioning & Movement Skill Training for ages 7-18

Conditioning and Injury Prevention of the Female Athlete

Performance Optimization through Dynamic Activation Warm-ups 

Sport Movement Analysis & Training System Development


Created and instructed an Online Functional training Education program 2007-2011 with over 500 sport coaches, physical therapists, personal trainers and physicians attending.

Developed and produced the Movement Skill Coaching for Youth-program in Europe that is being used by over 4000 youth sport coaches. The program was funded by the Ministy Of Education and was implemented by the Finnish Coaching Association.

Created 368 -Training Systems For Optimal Athletic Development, a comprehensive and multi-dimensional training and conditioning system in order to optimize athletic potential and to enhance sport performance.

Lectured 2008-2009 as a guest speaker in the conference of Motor Learning and Teaching.

Started the School of Youth Fitness and Conditioning in 2011.

Developed the Knees 4 Speed -performance and injury prevention program for youth female athletes.

Published articles on, Coach-magazine, Coach & Athletic Director, Athletic Business.