Discover Movement aims to be a positive and transformational influence in the life of the young athleteby offering individualized, sport-specific and functional fitness and conditioning programs and by embracing a movement learning environment that is physically, mentally and socially safe, encouraging and inspirational.


To see a new generation of athletes who (re-)discover movement and physical training as a fun and effective way to improve oneself and inspire their team mates, friends, family and the world.


Discover Movement utilizes a variety of tools and techniques, that are based on Applied Functional Science.(AFS).

Applied Functional Science is a combination of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences. It utilizes an approach Principles ‐Strategies ‐Techniques process (PST) for functional assessment, training and conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury prevention that is practical and functional for all individuals regardless of age or ability.

The principles of AFS are integrated with neuromusculoskeletal Chain Reaction™ biomechanics, that lead to powerful strategies and techniques for improving movement, function and performance.

The source for learning more about Applied Functional Sciences: Gray Institute www.grayinstitute.com


The School of Function and Fitness for Youth

The operational objective of the School of Youth Fitness is to provide functional fitness programs for the children and youth 7-13 years of age.

The mission of the school is to teach athleticism, movement and motor skills that is developmentally appropriate for the given age group. The goal is to build athletic and healthy foundations and fundamentals that can be transferred to any form of physical activity. We also want to help ignite the fire for the life-long interest towards health and exercise, while building respect and compassion towards others.   

High School Sports Conditioning Program

Discover Movement sports conditioning for high school athletes evaluates the physiological needs of each individual athlete and their sport and develops an effective conditioning program that will make one a better athlete with correct amount of strength, flexibility, speed, coordination and balance for their given sport. High School Sports Conditioning -program aims to reduce and eliminate any sport related injuries and designs exercise protocols specific to the needs of the youth male or the youth female athlete. 

College and Elite Athlete's Testing and Coaching

Discover Movement offers high level sport and movement conditioning for the athletes in the collegiate and elite arenas. The main purpose of the high level sport conditioning is to 1) identify the limiting factors in individual performance and to create a targeted training approach based on the assessment and 2) free the highest possible athletic potential by expanding the movement talents and skills in all planes of motion, in all anatomical stations and in all motor components. We welcome our “veteran athletes” back with open arms for more athletic development, or to just spend time and catch up, or even to mentor and help the youth athletes.    


 - Educates sport and fitness professionals on applied biomechanics, exercise physiology, movement pattern development and functional training modalities.                                                   

- Utilizes different forms of multi-media and computer technology to teach and interact with the student. For example in 2009-11, created  online educational modules to over 500 participants including physical therapists, fitness professionals, physicians and sport coaches.                                                                              

- Develops practical training applications and tools for physical educators, sport coaches and exercise professionals.

- Created “Movement Skill Development for Young Athletes”, a program that is being used by over 3000 youth sport coaches in Europe.

- Lectures on topics such as Movement skills & Motor Learning and Applied Biomechanics, for example in 2008-09 presented in an international conference of Motor Learning in the University of Jyväskylä on Movement Skill Development

- Runs Movement Skills for Youth programs with your town recreation department, such as Kindergarten Core Movement Skills Class in Oakland, New Jersey since 2010.

- Is responsible for fitness and performance operations and sport conditioning at Immaculate Heart Academy in Washington Township, NJ.