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I wanted to incorporate the spiritual dimension to my website as I have found out that I am really not complete without it. Neither is my approach to training the human body or educating the human intellect enough without the grace, wisdom and protection of God. I understand, that you as a reader might not share the same belief but I thank you if you have taken a moment to read about my 'wrestling with God'.

My goal is to bridge the spiritual journey to my daily activities as a trainer and a coach. I believe that the Word of God gives us insight and strength for my practical duties as I work with athletes and the youth. If spiritual aspect was something separate from the rest of the life, I would not integrate this into my website or my work. However, as I have little by little and sometimes painfully found out, I can really do nothing without His help. So it is time to lay down the ego and acknowledge the true source of any wisdom or success.

So the nature of this blog is personal and it is a testimony of my own journey. The name "Wrestling with God" relates to a bible scripture that can be found in Genesis 32. The choice for the title has a lot to do with the intensity of the man-God-relationship but also a lot with the outcome of that wrestling match that Jacob had all by himself.

Tommi The Trainer

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Are you a weapon, made in the fire?

Have you had periods of trials in your life? Times when you feel like giving up and maybe actually given up?I have. For the longest time I blamed the devil or myself or someone else for the fiery trials. I thought I was on the wrong path. I didn't think that if I was in the will of God, I would go through such defeats in life.

But maybe it was God himself who allowed these seemingly unfair, continuous and very humbling times in my life? In the midst of the storm nothing makes sense and the confusion often takes over, but it does not mean He is not in control over my life.

The Isaiah 54:16 gives us something to reflect upon. "Behold, I have created a smith who blows the fire of coals and produces a weapon for its purpose."

Sometimes I forget that God himself created "the smith" who brings fire on my life and makes me go through hot circumstances. He uses the one who wants to harm me for good, in order to make me a "weapon for a specific purpose". Sometimes the difficult times are the training that we need in order to arise as men and women, the weapons, that God created us for.

If I let God take full control of my life, even my hardships will result in an overwhelming victory. Good News!

Be strong and courageous!

Tommi the Trainer