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    "I have been a client of Tommi's for 8 years.  I have utilized many aspects of his broad expertise.  He has been able to assist and motivate me with all of my personal goals regarding, Personal Training, Weight Loss and Nutrition, as well as rehabilitation.  He is an outstanding intelligent professional." Mark D, NY 

     "Tommi's workouts are excellent - always fun, always changing and challenging." Lauri Hill, NJ

     "Tommi is a super professional who watches you closely to make sure you strengthen your body, understand what you need to do, and do it in a way without hurting yourself. Over the last 3 years, working with Tommi, I have strengthened by body without ever injuring myself;  not even pulling a muscle. That's because Tommi pays close attention to what I am doing." (David Goodman, NJ)

      "Tommi keeps my mind in the game and challenges me with new moves every day.   Working with Tommi is more fun than eating marshmallows." (Sylvia G., NJ)

     "For the past 20 years I have had to train around chronic knee and shoulder pain. Since training with Tommi, I am now pain free and no longer living on Advil!"  (Ted D'Amico, NJ)

     "The knowledge and skill set that Tommi possesses is incredible. He is a true movement specialist and has one mission: results." Evan Chait, PT, CNRT, L.Ac (Kinetic Physical Therapy)


    Discover Movement Push-up Challenge: Shoulder and core control

    Push-ups are great but without variation even they might get a little repetitive. We created a few different push-up challenges for different goals in mind.

    These push-up variations target multi-planar movement and stability of the shoulder joint. They also challenge the abdominal wall and other core structures in the process.

    Superman push-up, Breakdancer push-up and X-rotation push-up: 


    Take care,

    Tommi the Trainer 


    Tommi Paavola from Discover Movement interviewed by Stop Chasing Pain Podcast

    That was so much fun! Thank you Dr Perry!

    More great podcasts and information about movement at
    I also recommend signing up for the Stop Chasing Pain Facebook page that I check several times daily for intellectual and practical movement "nourishment".

    Tommi the Trainer


    Skipping + carioca = Skippioca dynamic warm up

    I learned some fantastic locomotion patterns from Todd Wright from the University of Texas basketball program.

    As a part of the dynamic warm routine it important to stimulate both the mind and the body and even the spirit. These movement patterns will do exactly that, they will challange the coordination, make you focus, build your athleticism and make you laugh in the process.

    Here is a short sample of one locomotion pattern called skippioca, which combines the movements of carioca and skip. Try them out. I felt ridiculously uncoordinated myself in the beginning but I am getting better and so are my athletes.  


    You can get more brilliant information about movement and athleticism from
    Thank you Todd!

    Tommi the Trainer

    PS: Coordination is the act of coordinating, making different people or things work together for a goal or effect. Wikipedia.