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    "I have been a client of Tommi's for 8 years.  I have utilized many aspects of his broad expertise.  He has been able to assist and motivate me with all of my personal goals regarding, Personal Training, Weight Loss and Nutrition, as well as rehabilitation.  He is an outstanding intelligent professional." Mark D, NY 

     "Tommi's workouts are excellent - always fun, always changing and challenging." Lauri Hill, NJ

     "Tommi is a super professional who watches you closely to make sure you strengthen your body, understand what you need to do, and do it in a way without hurting yourself. Over the last 3 years, working with Tommi, I have strengthened by body without ever injuring myself;  not even pulling a muscle. That's because Tommi pays close attention to what I am doing." (David Goodman, NJ)

      "Tommi keeps my mind in the game and challenges me with new moves every day.   Working with Tommi is more fun than eating marshmallows." (Sylvia G., NJ)

     "For the past 20 years I have had to train around chronic knee and shoulder pain. Since training with Tommi, I am now pain free and no longer living on Advil!"  (Ted D'Amico, NJ)

     "The knowledge and skill set that Tommi possesses is incredible. He is a true movement specialist and has one mission: results." Evan Chait, PT, CNRT, L.Ac (Kinetic Physical Therapy)


    Hip and adductor flexibility exercise progression  

    We use this progression for frontal plane hip/adductor flexibility/mobility.

    The prepositioning of the legs should not be too far apart. This is important because the idea is to feed and to work through the proprioceptors, not to lengthen the tissues by force. So do not think too much about "stretching" with this one.   

    1. 4-point ground contact - hold for 10 sec

    2. 3-point ground contact with upper body rotation

    3. 2-point ground contact - a hold with scapular retaction

    4. 2-point ground contact with upper body rotation



    Tommi the Trainer

    And as you already know so well...

    Always consult a physician before beginning an exercise program. The information provided on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or medical ailment.


    TRX suspension training for soccer conditioning

    Fraser Quelch giving some ideas on TRX suspension training mixed with some soccer flavor.


    In order to make the conditioning benefit a specific sport movement:

    1. Think of the planes of movement that the sport requires.

    2. Think of the anatomical stations that are involved.
    (foot/ankle, knee, hip, lumbar region, thoracic region, cervical region)

    3. Think of the myofascial chains that need to be strengthened.  

    View the Discover Movement 368-system to help analyze movement


    "No longer just a game" - a valuable perspective to youth sports

    The Record -video clip on youth sports in Northern New Jersey.


    Makes you ask questions that should be asked.

    Makes you think about the motives that should be thought about.

    "Tommi The Trainer"