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    "I have been a client of Tommi's for 8 years.  I have utilized many aspects of his broad expertise.  He has been able to assist and motivate me with all of my personal goals regarding, Personal Training, Weight Loss and Nutrition, as well as rehabilitation.  He is an outstanding intelligent professional." Mark D, NY 

     "Tommi's workouts are excellent - always fun, always changing and challenging." Lauri Hill, NJ

     "Tommi is a super professional who watches you closely to make sure you strengthen your body, understand what you need to do, and do it in a way without hurting yourself. Over the last 3 years, working with Tommi, I have strengthened by body without ever injuring myself;  not even pulling a muscle. That's because Tommi pays close attention to what I am doing." (David Goodman, NJ)

      "Tommi keeps my mind in the game and challenges me with new moves every day.   Working with Tommi is more fun than eating marshmallows." (Sylvia G., NJ)

     "For the past 20 years I have had to train around chronic knee and shoulder pain. Since training with Tommi, I am now pain free and no longer living on Advil!"  (Ted D'Amico, NJ)

     "The knowledge and skill set that Tommi possesses is incredible. He is a true movement specialist and has one mission: results." Evan Chait, PT, CNRT, L.Ac (Kinetic Physical Therapy)


    The Worlds Greatest Stretch - Dynamic Warm-up

    I remember it like it was yesterday... I attended a functional training seminar several years ago and saw Mark Verstegen present on the subject of Movement Preparation and Dynamic Warm-up. It was not like I hadn't tried or heard about it before but during those hands-on workshops my eyes (and my hips) opened to see the potential of an optimal activation and preparation sequence of the movement system.

    The "worlds greatest stretch" was an essential part of Mark's movement preparation sequence. It was one of those concepts that got absorbed by my brain and my body very well. Several years now, some of the same dynamic flexibility sequences are still in use in our programs and they are still producing the desired results of increased active range of motion and activation of the correct muscle groups prior to training or sports.


    Thanks Mark!

    Tommi "The Trainer"


    Active recovery and regeneration workout routine

    Do you ever feel like your intense workouts are NOT turning into true improvements in your performance? Almost like your system was already saturated and you were suffering from "mal-absorption of new training stimulations"...  

    Sometimes the body just craves for a workout that assists all the hard work and stimulating training to be absorbed better and faster. That is what an active recovery and regeneration workout is all about.

    Our ACTIVE R&R -routine is called The ADAPTATION OPTIMIZER and we have been using it successfully for years in between the harder workouts. It feels like a fresh cool breeze on a hot summer day...

    Enjoy the commentary by the Chipmunks! 



    PS: One of the only ways to make a video shorter without clipping is to speed it up. Thus the helium voice... Makes you really focus on listening carefully, doesn't it? :-)


    Medicine ball lunges as part of the Dynamic Warm-up

    Lunges combined with various upper body patterns are some of the most versatile and effective exercises for an athlete. They activate and strengthen the myofascial chains of the body.

    Here are a few examples of lunges that improve some of the most important movement patterns needed for function and performance.


    More about lunging:

    General theory:

    Variations and videos: